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We need YOU! World of Difference has always sought to enhance the cultural awareness of our team, volunteers and any who seek to be a part of what we do. We value proactive and professional supporters who bring their passions, geniuses and Individual impact to enhance outside of themselves. With these expectations in mind,  we are always excited to EXPAND our volunteer base!

If you are interested in being a part of our organization in various capacities, we would love to hear from you!  

HERE IS HOW                              CAN GET INVOLVED!

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We want ALL interested in the opportunity to serve and support through their individual talents and genius, to have opportunities to give back.  Submit an Volunteer Application sharing how you see yourself serving and supporting the mission and vision of World of Difference. 

Opportunities may include; Social Media, Marketing, Fundraising, Events, Orphanage Support, Donation Coordination, Leadership, Operations,Construction, Education, Health and Nutrition and Agriculture Support.


As we continue to develop our World of Difference Strategic Initiatives, we are so excited to lead another expedition team to Malawi, Africa in August 2024. We are aware of the many challenges that continue to inflict the various areas of the world and want to continue to LISTEN before ACTING in a capacity that can truly build sustainable change.

Our application process is specific to our in-country needs. We are intentional in our planning and seek applicants with an understanding of this approach and willingness to bring to the organization a true spirit of service, sustainability and community.


Together, we can make a World of Difference! 

Whether as a subscriber, volunteer or a financial donor, your contributions and support in helping us fulfill our mission and vision are deeply valued and appreciated.


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