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From its infancy, World of Difference has sought to enhance and empower the EDUCATION of young people.   We offer STUDENT, TEACHER and ORPHANAGE support through BUILDING SCHOOLS, LIBRARIES and bringing thousands of pounds of relevant DONATIONS for classrooms, student care and school libraries. We are passionate and committed to bringing programs like Days for Girls, to enhance and build students' minds, their character and their opportunities in life. ​

Through his rich Navy and humanitarian experiences, WOD Co-Founder, Dr. Rick Nielsen (Ranger) recognized that “the future of any country lies in the strength of its youth and the education they receive.”  At that time in Kenya, many children were deprived of access to education due to lack of funds for required uniforms, registration, and transportation costs to and from the school. Children were also often kept at home to support family needs.​

Over the years, World of Difference Co-Founders continue to learn, grow and evolve their model to better address the needs of those communities they serve. Continual growth and evolution is an important part of the WOD organizational culture.


World of Difference partners with Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMU) in providing clinical education and training opportunities for RMU students and faculty while supporting and promoting health and nutrition services in local hospitals, clinics and rural communities in Malawi.  RMU Physician Assistant (PA), Physical Therapy (DPT), and Speech Language Pathology (SLP) students and faculty comprise a large part of the WOD annual healthcare expedition team. 


WOD continues to develop collaborative partnerships to facilitate reciprocal enhancement of healthcare services and capacity building through donations of relevant medical supplies, medical textbooks and healthcare provider educational exchanges. 

World of Difference is embarking on a 5-year global impact project.  This project is centered on the belief that healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy life, and can be achieved through resilient and self-sustaining agricultural systems. 


We will be building a CENTER FOR RESILIENCE based in Malawi, Africa.  This center will host DEMONSTRATION courses, a SEED BANK LIBRARY, a GREENHOUSE to enhance agriculture practices and futuristically CERTIFICATION for Permaculture and Agriculture Education. 


Through soil, swale and crop rotation education, communities can continue to gain a deeper understanding of how to flourish and enhance health and nutrition for themselves and their children, leading to  healthy minds and healthy bodies that can more fully benefit from  education. 

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